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How To Stop / Como Frenar / Como Frear
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from the "How to Stop" Training Course

""Those steps in your Online Course significantly improved my technique and skill level in many areas of inline skating that I was unaware were weak."

 - Josh Moore , New Zealand

"I purchased your online stopping manual How To Stop : Advanced Level, as a long term project as I have always wanted to learn to powerslide but thought it might be just a bit too hard for me! I am pleased to tell you that I am sliding with baby powerslides now and amazed that by following the steps in your online training course that break down each skill helps so much and gives you something to practice each time you go out to skate. Thank you!"

 - Laurence, London, UK

"These online instruction courses are fabulous, I've sorted through plenty on YouTube before wisely choosing Asha's. After only 4hrs of self-study and practice I have noticeable results (and all as a mature and tall (6ft 2in), total newbie!) I would recommend these courses to anyone."
- Martin Wood, West Sussex, UK